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AIC The customer comes first

24years of quality assurance

We are at home in the automotive industry. For more than 24 years we have supported our customers asconsultants, quality engineers, developers and trainers.

We are committed to serving our customers. Our service starts with individual consulting, through urgent quality assurance support, to bespoke product development and manufacturing.

More than 500 customers in over 20 countries rely on our service, because the customer comes always first.

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Our services

  • More than 500 customers
    in 20 countries.
We got the extra mile for our customers – wherever and whenever; around the world and around the clock. AIC´s home base is Saarlouis. Our customers can leverage our full range of services at any time. Locally, we achieve reaction times of less than 1 hour. A professional team of more than 20 engineers, experts and skilled workers is available. And if a customer needs to draw on AIC´s services at another location? No problem! For more than 10 years, we have been working with "Quality Travel Teams", all over the world. The size and skills of the team are adapted to the requirements of the job! As a service provider in the automotive industry, we see ourselves as a "full service supplier".

Our services at our location in Saarlouis

At our location in Saarlouis we provide you with all-in-one quality assurance services. This includes PQAS, reprogramming of modules and construction of prototypes.

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International services

Whether programming or maintenance - our travel teams are prepared for their assignments and fit for service at your location within 24 hours.

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Successful implementation

In 2008 / 2009 , we were part of the supply chain of the Ford Focus "RS" and "RS 500 Limited Edition",manufacturing 11 components for this exceptional sports car.

Never before has such a groundbreakting project been realized: in cost-saving manufacturing processes, carry over parts are modified, especially for the "RS" version. AIC was part of the development team, responsible for product design, tools and process engineering.

Today, and for the next 15 years, we stay responsible for the production and the supply of the spare parts.

This project was a real challenge! We took it on board and successfully put it into action!

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AIC Process
Our team of consultants, technical & quality engineers and skilled workers is available. We combine very short reaction times with professional execution to the benefit of our customers. More than 500 satisfied customers rely on our full service every day and confirm the way we are working. They know: We put our shoulder to wheel

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AIC Bernd Reifers GmbH
Im Brühl 16
66693 Mettlach

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AIC Bernd Reifers GmbH
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